March 2020

A Candid Conversation About Adoption


January 2020

From our Nurse Manager…

After every ultrasound we offer the expectant mom a handmade gift for their baby which is usually a pair of baby booties but sometimes we receive handmade hats to offer as well. Most moms excitedly choose their gift, carefully picking up each pair and examining them perhaps thinking, “Do I pick pink or purple because I’m hoping for a girl?” “But what if it’s a boy?” “What about gender neutral?” “Maybe gray would be better.” Once a decision has been made,  they usually turn over and gingerly admire the tiny pair of baby booties in the palm of their hand. Some smile with joy,  and others cry, overwhelmed with the emotion that comes from expecting a new baby.

But there are also the mothers that may not even look at this gift offered and refuse it altogether. Perhaps it is because this mom is struggling with a decision of choosing abortion and the booties may never be used or they will end up being a constant reminder of a baby they never even met.

Sometimes, I wonder about the booties not chosen to be placed on the tiny feet of a sweet newborn and especially the mothers now mourning the loss of their child through abortion. I think about those who regret their decision made because they found themselves in a dark place in life where it seemed to be no hope for their future with a baby and they thought the only answer was to end the pregnancy. It truly breaks my heart to know there are women who bought the lie that abortion was the only answer and gave into the pressures of their circumstances.

Abortion isn’t just a choice that ends a baby’s life, it also alters the course of the mother’s life forever. This is why our ministry at Radiance is so important. We present mothers with hope and love, and ultimately point them to the One who first loved us. We are a ministry for those who are contemplating a pregnancy decision and also for those who have experienced an abortion in their past.

…and the baby booties…whether chosen or not are a reminder to me the importance of praying for each and every woman we serve knowing they are loved by our Creator God.

 Yours in Christ,



August 2019

From Our Director…

From time to time I ponder with great frustration why is there a law that allows the life of a baby to be taken and how can any human being be supportive of such a law? 

Yet, each time I am brought back to the realization that belief in abortion is a moral issue which is one of the heart. There is the law that makes the act of abortion legal for an individual to choose, but if the heart is involved in the decision-making process and it generally is, then the decision is not an easy one to make. Hence, the turmoil that most individuals go through and ponder when faced with their crisis pregnancy

We were not born with a desire to want to terminate life, but we are given a free will enabling us to make decisions and choices in life and even about life. The scriptures remind me at that moment when Cain killed his brother Able, he had a choice and made his decision with the influence of emotions weighing in big time. The influence of emotions definitely plays a major part for those contemplating a pregnancy decision. Radiance Women Center serves as the temporary refuge for many who need time to process this decision and work through emotions. While I would love to tell you every person always chooses life for their unborn after leaving our Center, I am grateful that we are given the opportunity for divine appointments with those who are considering. I am also grateful to every person, group, business, and church who commits to partnering with the ministry of Radiance as we serve to receive women and families, respond to unplanned pregnancies, and restore hope for life. 

In His service,